Citizenship at Key Stage Three:

All pupils at Key Stage Three are timetabled for one hour of Citizenship per week.

Year Seven:

Two separate topics are studied in Year Seven. An initial unit of work explores the issue of 'Diversity' in British society, from both a local and national perspective.

A further topic on 'Waste and Recycling' helps to reinforce themes that are touched upon in both Geography and Science lessons.

Year Eight:

A further two topics are studied in this academic year. Students firstly learn about 'Human Rights' from a personal, national and international perspective.

As a separate unit of study, pupils gain an oversight into the topic of 'Crime and Legal Awareness.' This topic examines the causes of crime, as well as crime prevention. Some time is also spent looking at the workings of the legal system.

Year Nine:

A final two topics are studied in Year Nine. Pupils initially learn about the 'Significance of Media in Society,' in which they gain an insight into how the media shapes their everyday lives.

An additional topic on 'Government and Democracy' allows the pupils to gain a broad understanding of political concepts, the British political system and Britain's international role.


Pupils are encouraged throughout their time studying Citizenship, to relate the topic that they are studying to their own personal experiences.