Home Economics

GCSE Home Economics - Food and Nutrition

This course should appeal to students who are interested in working with food, either for pleasure or as preparation for further employment.

This course is designed to enable candidates to investigate the relationship between nutrition, food choice and health and to examine the nature, function, application and implications of food processing in the home.  The investigation is conducted in the context of urban, multicultural, industrial society.

A brief summary of the course content includes:

  • Nutrition, diet and health throughout life.
  • Nutritional, physical, chemical and sensory properties of food storage, preparation and cooking.
  • Techniques and skills in food storage, preparation and cooking
  • Factors affecting consumer choice.
  • Food hygiene and safety

There is no requirement for students to have studied Home Economics before commencing work on this course and no prior knowledge of the subject is necessary.

The course will lay a basis for students wishing to progress to AS and A level Home Economics and later to choose a Food pathway in employment.  Examples may include:

  • Hotel and restaurant work
  • Hospital dietetics
  • Teaching Home Economics/Food Technology
  • Catering

The scheme of assessment 

  • One Tier only – written paper (1½ hours) – 40% weighting
  • Each candidate must complete a Research Task – 15% weighting.  This is controlled assessed and occupies 6-8 hours.  It includes research and practical work.
  • Each candidate must complete and Individual Investigation – 45% weighting. It is recommended that this will occupy approximately 18 hours.  This task includes investigative and practical work.