Limehouse School Crest


"I stayed on at Lime House to complete my A-levels after my GCSEs, and I think this was the right decision for me, as not having to worry about settling into a new environment with new pupils and teachers meant that I could concentrate fully on my studies. Also being in small classes meant that I could always get individual support from teachers whenever it was required."

Aya Nomryama, Japan

"I will never forget “Nil Sine Labore”, nothing without great effort. To all the teachers and staff in Lime House School, you all helped to change and build my life, Thank you very much!"

Brian Lam Yue Chong

"Lime House gave me a fantastic start in life, and in a strange way still to this day has a big effect on my daily life, and keeps the smile on my face, knowing I was lucky to be one of their pupils in some of the best days of my life!"

Haig Murray, Gretna

"My time in LHS is inevitably meaningful to my life and career, which enabled my potential to be explored as well as my horizon to be broadened. Very frankly, boarding at LHS is the decision I will never regret to make."

Tony Tang

"I feel that I really benefitted from the small class sizes that Lime House had to offer which meant more time could be spent with the teacher giving me help and support when needed. With the school being smaller than most it had a real ‘family feel’ which I know many boarding pupils were thankful for."

Sarah Thompson

"For a girl like me who have never been away from her family, it was a great struggle at first. Luckily, everyone in Lime House was so welcoming and caring. They gave me lots of comfort to assist me to learn to be independent."

Phoebe Kan Sze-Wing