Lime House School News 2nd April 2018

Posted Apr 10, 2018

National Mathematics Finals

Our team have had a very successful two days in London taking part in the National finals of the United Kingdom Mathematical Trust Senior team event. The team travelled down by train on Monday and arrived with time to spare for a brief visit to the London Eye and a comprehensive guided tour of both of the Houses of Parliament.

The team were shown around Westminster Hall and its underground private chapel. Once used by Cromwell as stables, but nowadays with significantly more respect, the non denominational Christian chapel has been restored to its former glory. Restoration of the parliament buildings can’t come too soon as the subsidence is obvious in these underground areas. The team were shown the cupboard in which Emily Wilding Davidson famously hid in 1911 in order to be recorded in the census as both female and present, in what was then an all male preserve, overnight. The team used the private underground passage to Portcullis House and were impressed by the state of the art debating facilities and the impressive portrait gallery of relatively recent politicians, named and identified by the teachers.

Lucy, Martin, Constance and James all had passes to the gallery in the Commons and watched some of the Social Services questioning of ministers. Nearby was the suffragette scarf which the above mentioned Emily W.D. had tried to attach to the king’s horse in the derby, resulting in her injuries from which she died four days later. The suffragette theme continued as the team had passes to the Lords chamber and heard part of the fifteen hour debate on Women’s role in Society. It was interesting to note the less confrontational manner of the Lords after the Commons.

Afternoon tea and evening dinner were hosted by our friend and guide Baroness Drake (to whom much thanks) and we will remember the atmosphere and ambience for a long time. Certainly providing added value to the excursion, the team received the best wishes of several lords who were pleased to meet and greet the team.

On to the competition the following day in the Royal Horticultural College off Vincent Square, the team arrived in good spirit and put together an excellent poster of Mathematics and Bell Ringing. Interesting to note the opposition here in this year’s final. There were 86 teams from the 1300 schools which had entered the competition. The opposition included Ashbourne College, Charterhouse, Harrow, Manchester Grammar School, Rugby and Westminster School amongst others but interestingly Eton hadn’t qualified this year. Undaunted the team dropped only nine points from a possible 60 in the first round of questions, scored maximum points in the crossnumber puzzle ( a crossword with numbers but each pair of team members only get one of the clues, across or down, and they can’t communicate to each other) and then went on to the third round dropping only one time penalty in a maths chain event and then almost completing all the questions in a ridiculously paced relay race to finish. The result of being 12th was very pleasing to all, except the actual team who would have liked to be higher placed but as this is the best result ever recorded by a Cumbrian school in the National finals, they were eventually consoled.