Lime House School News 6th February 2018

Posted Feb 5, 2018


 Congratulations must be given to Max Ching and his team, who make up the  interestingly named 'Xbox not good' team in this year's London Institute of Banking & Finance Student Investor Challenge. He manged to increase his virtual investment of £100,000 to over £110,000 in 3 months, and as a result, was placed in the top 60 of nearly 5000 teams from anywhere in the world. This sees him through to the Semi-finals, where he will be competing with 500  teams from UK schools only this time, aiming for the finals, and - hopefully- being the winning team, who will receive a trip to New York! Honourable mention must also be made of Shiny Shi and Andrew Robinson, whose teams finished 353rd and inside the top 1000 respectively.


In Citizenship, within our current topic of The Media, the Year 9s have been considering how charities can use the media as a powerful tool for good in order to raise awareness of their valuable cause and harness support.  We have considered the work of Charity: Water (HQ in New York) and its campaign The Spring.  This charity has skilfully used many aspects of the media, including very effective use of social media, to raise vast sums of money to benefit communities in developing nations with wells and, of course, clean water.  In class discussion, pupils have shown particular interest in Charity: Water’s very successful use of social media to attract funding and its pledge to use 100 percent of donations to go directly to the needy, with money for overheads being raised by other means.


The Year 11s are studying hard for their upcoming GSCE examinations.  The GCSE examination covers an array of diverse topics including voluntary work, charities, mobile phones, relationships, poverty and homelessness, as well as holidays, the home, school and the environment, amongst many others.Our current topic is Soziale Medien; pupils have been speaking about their opinions regarding social media in German, using such words and phrases as Sicherheit (safety/security), Mobbing (bullying), Fotos hochladen (uploading photos). Practising all four language skills remains key in preparation for the GCSE examinations ahead.