Lime House School News 30th January 2018

Posted Jan 30, 2018

National Mathematics Finals

Our Maths team are off to London next week to take part in the National Final of the United Kingdom Maths Trust team competition. This will be our third successive year at the National finals as we were fortunate enough to win the Cumbria event in the latter part of last year. ( The Cumbria event is excellently hosted by  Caldew School and teams from all over Cumbria compete against some who travel from the south of Scotland, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Northumberland)

Each year the finalists are set an extra challenge to prepare a poster on some fairly obscure mathematical topic. This year’s theme is on the Maths of bell-ringing. This peculiarly English pastime leads to several  interesting  patterns and combinations of numbers. The changing patterns of a set of numbered bells are limited a little by the fact that bells can’t just change order at will, they either stay still in their place in the round or they may change with the bell next to them.

The more bells  you have, the more changes you have to make in order to ring an “extent” ( all the possible permutations). We are indebted to Mr. Ron East of the Carlisle Cathedral bell ringers who met with the team on Friday night to introduce them to the fundamentals of change ringing. The team were allowed to climb to the cathedral bell tower and watch the Friday night ringers at work, even ascending to the room with the bells (and the ear muffs). Our young team will remember Friday evening for a very long time and we would like to thank everyone involved in making us so welcome.

We look forward to London.