School News (8th November 2017)

Posted Nov 8, 2017


All of the Year 10 ICT group have been demonstrating their business acumen and team working skills by taking part in the Coca Cola Real Business Challenge. They were formed into groups where they had to think of a company name, with the brief of being a creative agency looking to develop and implement ideas and business concepts. Each company had to allocate the job roles that would be found in a normal business environment such as Chief Executive Officer and Sustainability Director & produce a brief description of their roles and skills & attributes, ready for the company profile.

The brief supplied was to come up with a new juice drink brand with clear health benefits, which is sustainable and a great commercial proposition. It had also to involve promotional packaging encouraging involvement in the Special Olympics Great Britain’s Play Unified campaign; a charity that works to provide sports training and athletic competition in particular for basketball and football for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Our ‘companies’ came up with an amazing variety of names & ingredients; sourced sustainably from throughout the world, as could also be evidenced by the international nature of our students from Nigeria, India, China, Spain, as well as from the UK. The HR Directors in conjunction with the Finance Directors set out the financial implications; building on the nutritional & GDA details, to say nothing of the innovative brand development & packaging & point-of-sale ideas. Our teams set out their pitches to the Headmaster, Mr Rice, who will be deciding which two will be submitted to the Real Business Challenge with the possibility of progression to the regional finals. Whatever the outcome the students have benefited from an engaging exercise that allowed them free rein for their imagination, and the skills that they have developed should stand them in good stead for the future.

Home Economics

Our year 11 students are working on their second piece of coursework, which is worth 45% of their final exam grade. They have all completed their first piece of coursework and have achieved a pass grade of C or above, this is worth 15% of their final exam. With continued hard work I hope the students achieve similar results to the excellent standard awarded in the Summer Exams 2017.

Juniors are enjoying one hour of cooking each week and are developing a good range of practical skills. We have been making use of local produce to make apple, pear and plum crumbles and pies.

To help prepare our sixth form students for ‘University’ and ‘Life ahead’ we have introduced cooking classes where students can develop a wide range of skills and make appetising and economical dishes.

Year 10 have just started work on a new GCSE Course called “Food Preparation and Nutrition”. This engaging and focused class is exploring many of the scientific principles involved in cooking and students are developing recipes to make innovative and appetising dishes. As they build on their knowledge I look forward to seeing and tasting the dishes they will make for their coursework assessment.