School News (31st October 2017)

Posted Oct 31, 2017


The new year at Limehouse has kicked off in style in the Maths department. We have a large new intake of intelligent young people, many of whom have chosen to do Maths and a sufficiently large number of them also choosing to do Further Maths. The department is able to teach the Maths in year 12 to two differing timetables, with the Further Maths students doing their entire Maths A level in year 12, leaving year 13 for them to complete the Further course.

We are off to Lancaster University shortly to take part in a Maths problem solving event laid on by the Further Maths Support Programme and naturally we’ re looking forward to the inter school senior Maths competition ran by the United Kingdom Maths Trust which we were fortunate enough to win last year and then represent Cumbria at the national finals in London.



Lime House School's DofE Volunteering Team had a very successful day raising a total of £267 on their Halloween themed day on Tuesday 31st October. Duke of Edinburgh students organised and planned the event before the half term break and then held an afternoon full of Halloween themed games from apple bobbing to pumpkin bowling as well as a cake sale.  All of the donations are going towards a local charity fund. Well Done!




Our Year 7 and 8 Geographers have been looking in detail in Maps. They have are developing their knowledge and understanding of Maps from different scales to 6 figure grid references. We have looked at local OS maps locating the school and discussing directions and key OS symbols on a map. Our Year 7 and Year 8's will be looking at Contour lines this week and how we can work out the height of the land near the school. Year 9 Geographers have been looking at Development in the World with a key focus on Ghana. After finding out what Development meant and how different countries can develop at different speeds we took a detailed focus into Ghana. Our students have researched the countries pro's and con's and we are now looking into how we as a country can help Ghana and how they can also be self-sufficient. GCSE Geography students in Year 10 have just completed their first unit of 'The Restless Earth' and we are now reviewing and recapping, testing their knowledge and ensuring they have a good understanding of the case studies related to the unit. Our Year 11 GCSE Geography students have now finished learning all of the units. Currently the students are taking a focus on the case studies for both Physical and Human Geography ensuring they have sufficient information in preparation for their exam in the summer. Alongside this all of the students have completed collecting of their river study data and have now collated their data and have begun analysing.