School News (18th October 2017)

Posted Oct 18, 2017


The Junior children's science focus this term is upon Animal and Plant Life. To reinforce and extend their work we recently visited the Lakeland Bird of Prey Centre near Penrith. This enabled the children to see at first hand how birds of prey are adapted to their various habitats and to experience them in flight. Lefty and Dusty, two Gyr Falcons as well as Bernard, a Peregrine Falcon gave the children a thrilling flying demonstration. They were followed by Bob, a Harris Hawk who delighted and excited each and every one as he flew to their gloved hand. He also also amused them by repeatedly pouncing on and devouring unsuspecting worms! A really exciting and informative afternoon. We are shortly due to visit Gunther Von Hagens' Bodyworlds Animal Inside Out Exhibition at the Life Centre in Newcastle.


The last few weeks have been very busy for pupils in Year 10 and 11. Students are completing their electricity experiments in Physics. Students were required to plan their own experiments and make their own electrical circuits to test their hypotheses. Ammeters, voltmeters and variable resistors were used to get three sets of results and mathematical calculations were then made. Results were tabulated and a written report was made based on this work.

On another subject, the Physics department are planning to take a number of students to the Carlisle Observatory at Trinity School. Whilst there we will study the Solar System and local galaxies. We visited two years ago and pupils had a great time and enjoyed the experience immensely.