School Inspection Report

Early Years Foundation Stage and Primary School Inspection 2014

Lime House School’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Junior Department are delighted to receive their latest Independent Schools Inspection Report which describes the progress its children make as “excellent”.

The report, based upon an inspection conducted in Feburary 2014, highlights the “high standards of reading, writing and number work” in the EYFS and that in the “junior department pupils have particularly strong skills in numeracy, literacy and information technology and communication (ICT)”. Their “levels of attainment, considered alongside the pupils’ work in response to teaching in small groups, indicates the pupils make excellent progress”.

The inspectors reported that teaching is good, that “in the EYFS, enthusiastic teaching demonstrates high expectations of children” while “in the junior department the teaching of literacy, numeracy and ICT is particularly strong”.

We are delighted that “in the EYFS children feel valued, settled and are very happy” and that “many speak with enthusiasm about their lives at school, especially junior pupils.”

We are also very pleased to hear that in their judgement inspectors feel “in the EYFS children share positive relationships with their key person” and that “class teachers in the junior department develop strong pastoral links with pupils”.

While the Inspectorate observed that children in the EYFS “make good use of varied equipment” it was recommended that we ensure the balance of adult-led and child initiated activities is maintained throughout the week.

As Head of the department I am very proud of this report. In my opinion it reflects the quality partnership and familial atmosphere that we have developed between pupils, staff and parents and I am grateful to everyone for all their hard work and support.

Mr Craig Thompson. Head of Junior Department. Lime House School.

Senior School Inspection 2014

Last week, Lime House Senior School were delighted to receive their latest Independent Schools Inspection Report which states that the school meets all the requirements of the Independent School Standards Regulations 2010 and all the National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools 2013.

The report, based upon an inspection conducted in Feburary 2014, indicates that “pupils demonstrate good levels of knowledge, skills and understanding in response to a broad curriculum” and that “ pupils with SEND including those with statements of special educational needs achieve well”. Pupils “demonstrate excellence, for example when applying their skills in mathematics and science” and that “ participation in national competitions gives good opportunities for additional challenge for more able pupils”.

The inspectors reported that teaching is good, and that “ good rapport and mutual respect between staff and pupils are a hallmark of the school, encouraging high standards of behaviour”. Pupils “ behave well around the school and show courtesy and friendliness”. It as also pleasing to note “Many pupils with English as an Additional language achieve well across a range of subjects”.

We are delighted that “pastoral support and guidance for pupils is considered to be good” and that “relationships amongst pupils and between pupils and staff are excellent”. Inspectors also noted that “Pupils do not consider bullying to be a problem” and that “They are confident that if any occurs it is dealt with effectively”.

Inspectors considered that the school has “high aspirations for boarding” and that boarding students “appreciated the opportunities to study in orderly surroundings”. They also noted that “Pupils feel that they are well looked after and confirm that there is access to a range of appropriate adults to discuss personal issues”.

It was very pleasing to note that “parents unanimously expressed extremely high levels of satisfaction about all aspects of the school provision” and that “ parents are very happy with the opportunities to be involved with the life and working of the school”.

Lime House School is committed to offering the best education and highest standards of pastoral care and we welcome the Inspector’s recommendations to introduce more communal boarding facilities for socilaisation and relaxation as well as continuing to develop opportunities for Overseas pupils entering the school.

Headteacher Mr Nigel Rice said: The whole school is delighted with the Inspector’s report which refelcts the hard work and commitment made by staff and pupils. The school always aims to produce happy and successful children and it is encouraging for parents to know that this view is clearly endorsed by the Inspectorate.

The full ISI Inspection report can be found at: