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International Studies Programme

The Lime House International Studies Programme is designed to equip pupils with a range of qualifications for entry to Sixth Form and beyond.

This one year intensive course offers pupils guided immersion in the language with focused study for up to four GCSE equivalent qualifications depending upon the point of entry.

Pupils study for GCSE Mathematics, OCR Cambridge Technical Level 2 Diploma in ICT, iGCSE English and iGCSE Global Perspectives - a subject which combines both humanities and science elements.

The iGCSE in English is an internationally recognised qualification which will facilitate entrance to UK university courses.

The Global Perspectives iGCSE course outline:

Global Perspectives has 3 components

  • Component 1 - Written Exam (35%)
  • Component 2 - Individual Report (30%)
  • Component 3 - Team Project (35%)

For the written exam there are 4 compulsory questions.

The individual report requires candidates to research one topic (from a selection) of personal, local, national significance and produce a report of between 1500 and 2000 words.  Topics include: belief systems; biodiversity and ecosystem loss; changing communities; digital world; family; humans and other species; sustainable living; trade and aid.

The team project requires candidates to work on both a team and individual outcome including independent research, report writing and reflective writing.  The team element is to produce an explanation of between 200 and 300 words whilst the personal reflective writing is 750-1000 words. Topics include: conflict and peace; disease and health; human rights; language and communication; sport and recreation; tradition, culture and identity.