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English as an Additional Language

It is important to establish before a child joins us from another country that his/her command of English is good enough to be able to cope with the challenge of attending a UK Boarding School where all lessons are delivered in English.  Where there are gaps in learning, the International Students Centre is here to help. 

All new pupils from overseas for whom English is not their first language are assessed by the International Students Centre, so that we can identify the degree of help each pupil needs, if any. All international pupils will need support in English at least until they have reached a level 6.0 in an internationally recognised English language qualification, known as the IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

In addition to helping pupils progress through the various levels of language proficiency, the International Students Centre is ready to help with any general aspects of life in Lime House School, and more widely in Britain.  The International Studies Centre aims to provide a framework in which pupils can learn about Britain without disregarding their original cultures.  It will offer security in a new environment with advice and guidance on Lime House School's expectations as well as British customs and traditions. 

In summary the International Students Department has three goals:

  • To give pupils intensive English language support
  • To help pupils adjust to life in England
  • To celebrate pupils' home cultures