Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is the world’s leading achievement award for young people. Reflecting Lime House School’s commitment to our students’ development, we offer the Bronze, Silver and Gold level Awards.

Children grow, develop and mature at different stages, and the Award recognises this, allowing young people to achieve without competition. Participants develop communication skills, teamwork, commitment and meet personal goals.

Each Award level is divided into four sections, your child will need to make a commitment of one hour per week in each of the first three sections:

  • Volunteering – aims to inspire young people to make a difference within their communities or to an individual’s life and develop compassion by giving service. At present our students are volunteering at animal refuges, at old people’s homes, in local nurseries, within their church, at Sunday Schools, on environmental projects, fundraising for charities as well as helping elderly neighbours.
  • Physical – improving in an area of sport or fitness activity. In short, anything that requires a sustained level of physical energy and involves doing an activity. This section can be completed through after school activities or clubs in the community.
  • Skills – developing practical personal interests. Lime House offers a large number of programmes for children to participate in, through after school activities, or, after discussing goals with a member of staff, students can complete this section at home. 
  • Expedition – training for, planning and completion of an adventurous journey on foot. Here at Lime House School we offer a very thorough pre-expedition training programme which was recently praised by a Gold Level Award Accredited Assessor. All Bronze participants must attend and pass a pre-expedition course which covers: first aid, camp craft, navigational theory, nutrition, the countryside code, health and safety both on the fell and at the campsite, as well as two days out of school developing their micro navigational skills. At Silver and Gold levels all students complete a course which refreshes and develops their skills in the key areas of camp craft, health and safety, navigation, nutrition and first aid.

At each level students complete a practice and qualifying expedition. While on expedition students work together as a team on an exploration project which, when they return to school they develop into a presentation.

Enrolment on the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is voluntary but we find our students are very enthusiastic to participate. Students’ self confidence noticeably grows with their participation in the Award, many rush to enrol for higher level awards as they become eligible. To begin the Bronze Award students must be 14 years old, 15 years old for Silver and 16 years old to enrol for Gold.