The majority of the pupils are full boarders although a small number do return home for the weekend. All boys and girls are housed on the Main School site in a large, spacious house built in 1638. There are several floors of dormitories and common rooms. The boys occupy the main building in Rothley, Hawksdale, Lonsdale and Salkeld boarding areas. All girls now live in new dormitory accommodation – ‘The Cottage’- adjacent to the main building. All dormitories have been renovated and redecorated within the last three years.

Pupils are allowed to personalise their own dormitories with TV’s, Posters, Computers and CD players etc; There are several common rooms with table tennis, pool and sky television. The evenings are well structured with activities and supervised homework leaving only 2 hours of free time before lights out. Pupils who fall behind with work may be required to attend homework sessions in their free time. As a consequence, weekends are less formal with time to relax in dormitories, socialise and ‘play’ although several activities are available. Cooking, Line Dancing, Gymnastics, Horse Riding and Outdoor Pursuits are some popular choices. Pupils are taken to Carlisle, visit the supermarkets or the cinema, go swimming or enjoy supervised walks in the local area. Many pupils are involved in Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme activities or play a variety of sports for local clubs. The Sports hall, Computer and Art rooms are open during the weekend yet, some pupils prefer to work in classrooms. Pre-dinner Bingo and Pizza evenings are always well supported. Outings to places such as ‘Wet and Wild’, Lockerbie Ice Rink and Alton Towers are arranged usually on a half-termly basis