Admission to Lime House School

Lime House School is an Independent co-educational Boarding and Day School, which sets out to admit pupils who are likely to benefit from the all round education which it provides.

The school accepts boys and girls of all denominations and faiths, offering education to children from the age of three to eighteen.

Entrance is based upon previous and present school reports and if possible an interview. There is no entrance examination.

Registration and School Fees

  • A child should be registered as a prospective pupil as early as possible.
  • A registration fee of £150 (non-refundable) is charged and this fee is not part of the tuition fee.
  • A deposit of £1000 (Overseas students) is payable upon acceptance of a place. This will be held and returned, when the student leaves the school.

School Fees

School fees are payable in advance on or before the first day of term. Incidental expenses such as school uniform, out-of-school activities, public examinations, stationery and personal expenses are chargeable in arrears, and are payable on or before the first day of the following term.

Payment of school fees

Payment of accounts for pupil’s fees and expenses may be made by cheque, payable to ‘Lime House School’ on or before the first day of the school term.

Interest will be charged at 5% on all overdue accounts.

The school reserves the right to exclude a pupil from school in the event of failure to pay pupil accounts promptly.

A full terms notice must be given in the event of a removal of a pupil from the school. In default, fees for both the current term and the full term in respect of which notice should have been given, must be paid in lieu of notice.

The school reserves the right to suspend or exclude a pupil at any time. In such cases no claim for the repayment of fees will be admitted.

Under no circumstances will any allowance be made against fees due in the event of occasional absences of a pupil from school during term time.

Fees are normally reviewed annually in the Spring (Lent) term, to take effect from the start of the next academic year. The school reserves the right to adjust fees at any time during the academic year, for which one term’s advance notice will normally be given.