Contact Us and Visits


The School Proprietors can be contacted on 01228 710225 including all school and public holidays. Messages are checked on a daily basis outside term time.


If you would like to arrange a visit, or to discuss anything in relation to our School, please email or call 01228 710225.

Many thanks for ordering a prospectus or for viewing our online version.

After having read the prospectus you might like to consider visiting the school to see what we have to offer. This includes a guided tour of the school by myself including boarding if this is a requirement. It offers the opportunity to see classes in progress and to meet teachers and pupils. Specialist subject staff are available to speak to you in more detail if required. The bursar is also available to discuss general administration including fees, bursary offers, uniform and transport arrangements.

Before making any final commitment your child will be offered the opportunity to spend some time at school as ‘taster days’ which can include a period of boarding if this is a requirement. The dates for these are very flexible and designed to suit your own particular needs.  Some pupils have spent several days with us before arriving full time. There is of course no charge for this.

There is no school entrance examination but if you could provide us with some recent school reports this is always helpful. We conduct baseline assessments with all new pupils and these are sometimes conducted during ‘taster days’.

If you would like to provide me with the year group or age of the children concerned I can forward you a specimen timetable to include our early evening programme of activities and homework.


Nigel A Rice MA