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Welcome to Lime House School

At Lime House School we are passionate about providing the best education possible to prepare our students for success in their adult lives. We provide a co-educational private education, either day or boarding, for 7 to 18 year olds.

We care about every individual student and provide a community in which each person feels valued. We are a medium-sized school which means our staff can get to know every pupil.

Our academic success is quite remarkable for our size. In 2016 we were ranked 2nd out of 4378 schools by the Government’s Department of Education. In the co-educational boarding school sector we ranked 11th for our A level results, putting us ahead of many famous public schools like Rugby, Shrewsbury and Repton by a substantial margin. We welcome pupils of all abilities including children with Special Educational Needs, which makes it so fulfilling to see them blossom with academic success. Our fees are extremely reasonable and much more affordable than any comparable school in the league tables.

One of the reasons they achieve such remarkable things is our beautiful, safe location on the edge of the Lake District National Park, an area of outstanding natural beauty but also one in which our pupils have so many opportunities to enjoy adventures in the mountains, on the Lakes, in the countryside and the seaside.

School should be fun. Happy children are more successful. Please come to visit this magical place and experience why we can be successful with YOUR child.