Summer 2017 Vacation Courses

Our Summer Vacation Courses improve students' English language skills and include grammar, vocabulary, speaking and presentation skills. This year we have created two different exciting courses, which students may choose from:

English Language Course

  • Placement test on application and arrival.
  • Each class has an average of 10 students.
  • The course provides approximately 20 hours of intensive English tuition per week (to include presentation skills).
  • This syllabus offers varied, current and expressive topics to engage and inspire students. All course materials are provided.
  • Teachers are suitably qualified and trained
  • Enjoyable activities such as drama and theatre are used to encourage confidence in speaking more fluently.
  • End-of-course certificate provided for all students.
  • All lessons take place in our main school building. All rooms are well equipped with teaching equipment.

Academic Preparation Course

Our Academic Preparation Course is designed for motivated and inquisitive international students who are aiming to study at a British boarding school in the near future.

  • The course is designed to help prepare students for the academic work and life at a British boarding school.
  • Teaching is divided into morning and afternoon classes, enabling students to get the most out of their studies whilst they are here with us.
  • Intensive English lessons are topic-based, with materials specifically designed for international students. The lessons will help students develop their communication skills and English vocabulary. The maximum number of people in these classes is 15.
  • Academic Preparation classes enable each student to receive personal attention from our qualified and experienced teachers. Classwork will include interactive debates and exploration on a variety of subject areas, problem solving, group and individual work, vocabulary training, past exam questions and reading with course book selections.
  • Students will have the opportunity to participate in a number of traditional subjects such as; English Literature, Mathematics, General Science, Music and Humanities